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Hi! I’m Georgiane, Gigi to friends and family, and this is my personal blog.

I’m a bit of a late personal blogger, but the cliche better late than never rings true.   We have this wonderful medium for sharing information, lending support, providing helpful tips, passing delicious recipes and just simply connecting.  From my tiny corner in Wisconsin to wherever you are I hope you’ll come away with something positive. I intend this blog to be a place to dish on the sweet, the savory, and even the incidental sour – passing the relish and sharing the nuances of life.

About me

I’m a periodically exasperating wife to Hunky Hubby (admittedly he wouldn’t want it any other way), an ever-doting mama to teenaged Beautiful Daughter #1 and Beautiful Daughter #2 (mothering does not come with an expiration date), a search engine marketing entrepreneur (10 years and counting!), and self described condiment queen (only 12 varieties in the fridge as of this writing).

I am a foodie, Hunky Hubbie is a foodie, and together we have raised two junior foodies. Our love of all things food – the preparing, the sharing and subsequent camaraderie – is in part due to our Serbian culture. Besides being a foodie, I’m an avid reader, I love gardening, traveling, and learning new things. I appreciate good music as much as I appreciate good food. In short, I love life and make it a point to give thanks each day to the Good Lord.


While Hubby and I have vivid memories of our grandmothers cooking with lard, we make a concerted effort to be health conscious and make good choices…most of the time. Life is too short to not occasionally indulge.  Oooh, how I love a savory nosh paired with a glass of fine red wine, especially if it includes goat cheese.  Peanuts, cashews, toffee, and a host of other nibbles that all fall into the “crunchy” category are also at the top of my list, and Cheetos will forever reign as my all time favorite junk food. I thoroughly enjoy a loaded hot dog or good ole Wisconsin brat every summer, smothered in ketchup, mustard (preferably stone ground), pickle relish, chopped onions, perhaps a dab of kraut, and a few hot peppers to aid digestion.  I savor each and every sodium-laden bite.

“The Salt Police”

Coming from a self described condiment queen, this may sound like an oxymoron, but  I’m dubbed “the salt police” by a few members of my family. Since my father’s heart attack in 2007, I’ve kept an eagle’s eye on the salt shaker. I’ve hounded my salt-happy sister and have a junior detective in Beautiful Daughter #1 who reviews nutritional information before dining out whenever possible. I have learned to make deliciously flavorful foods without all the salt and have gotten more deft in “healthifying” recipes over the years.  Baking, in particular, is in my blood and while this may cause many a pastry chef to gasp in horror I rarely – if ever – use salt while baking.

So, there you have it.  A crash course on the person behind the voice of Passing the Relish. We all have wisdom to impart and life tidbits to share so keep passing the relish! I welcome your emails at:   gigi [at] passingtherelish [dot] com.

I’d love to hear from you! Share your comments, questions, or any relish you want to pass along. Email me at gigi@passingtherelish.com or complete the form below.

Ziveli! Cheers!