Graduation Cake Pops

graduation cake pops

A post about graduation cake pops in September? Why yes. The maker of these literally and figuratively sweet graduation cake pops will be the one donning the cap and gown next June. That leaves yours truly and firstborn Beauty to make the next round of graduation cake pops and we will need this time to prepare.  Actually, I will need this time to prepare. Being “that” mom, my thoughts are already wandering and emotions are already fluttering over the next wave of change to envelop our home in the coming scholastic year.

Youngest Beauty is by and large the family baker who has a seemingly unending supply of intricate-cake-decorating patience. Though it took her the better part of a day to make over 60 of these treats (with the help of dear friends), she tells me making graduation cake pops is really a piece of cake. (Ha!)

I have seen graduation cake pops with milk chocolate squares for the motar board, but that won’t do. My baby is all about authenticity and her graduation cake pops need to match the completely red colored regalia of MHS. In true form she found a solution for making edible red motar boards: red candy melts and a flexible bite-size brownie pan. Wilton’s bite-size treat mold is the perfect dimension for holding exactly 1 1/2 red candy melts. Simply melt in  the microwave oven, level with a toothpick, freeze until firm and then effortlessly pop the flats out of the pan. (This is a completely free promo for Wilton and well deserved for making such an awesome pan.)

graduation cake pops motar board mold

As for the cake itself, both of my daughters insist that there isn’t a better batter than Amish white cake.  It’s firm but not too heavy and wonderfully rich tasting.

Decorating the graduation cake pops is a long process and patience is a necessary virtue. Begin by dipping the cake pop into a bowl of melted white chocolate and allow to dry. Next, dip only the top portion of the cake pop into a bowl of melted red candy melts and spread to replicate the hat portion of the motar board using a knife or a cake decorating paint brush. Allow to fully dry and then re-dip the very top of the cake pop once again to attach the square top.  When fully dry, pipe a fine line of black frosting for the tassle and pipe on a happy face. Voila!

May the cake pops eldest beauty and I make next June be just as pretty as these!


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