Rocking out like no one is watching

I love a good hamburger. Scratch that.  I love a good CHEESEburger –with the works, which usually prompts Hubby to ask me if I can taste the beef. What can I say, my personal food pyramid has a little section smack dab in the middle for condiments. A small, but basic food group capable of enhancing virtually anything that’s plain. Notice plain rhymes with pain, which is exactly what I feel when I watch my niece prepare and subsequently eat a sandwich. Bread, cheese, meat. Makes my taste buds hurt. But I digress.

On Saturday night our family enjoyed some time at Milwaukee’s Big Gig aka Summerfest. Youngest daughter went to drool over Jason Aldean with a cousin and friend while the rest of us went to enjoy some good rock while waiting for the 10pm Pat Benetar concert.  (Awesome! Hope I look that good when I’m 60!)) It was an unusually cold summer afternoon and evening; the wind was frigid and cut through me as though I was wearing a kleenex and not a jean jacket. Thankfully, people watching made me forget about my frozen toes.

The opening band had a fantastic sound and inspired music lovers to live in the moment and just enjoy. One Packer fan wearing a bright gold t-shirt with a big green G in the middle faced the audience while standing on a bleacher, singing and dancing to every number.  When the lyrics escaped him, he simply directed those singing in the audience while grooving to the music and never loosing rhythm. Or falling off the bleacher.  All of that must have pooped him out because he left after Pat’s first song. Happy, I’m sure, in a way that only music can make you feel. Milwaukee is as known for its beer as  for our brats, Friday fish frys and everything tasting better with cheese. This man’s happiness, however, was visibly not induced by beer.  For the hour+ I enjoyed watching him I never saw him even sip a cold one. Kudos, dude!

Only one person topped Mr. Packer’s enthusiasm. A lady who I’m guessing was in her mid to late 50s, standing on her seat, fist pumping to the music: open palm right hand, double cheeseburger in the left.  The woman never dropped a crumb and only snatched bites during the band’s brief interlude between songs. Now that’s rocking like no one is watching.

It was a night I won’t soon forget and made better by enjoying sounds from the best era of rock with my musical first born beauty. (Can you tell I grew up in the ’80s?)

On the foodie front, cupcake push pops where the new item featured at this year’s gig. Looked yummy, but we opted for a sampling of traditional cupcakes that allowed for bigger sharing bites. 🙂 Carrot cake, cookies-n-cream, peanut butter cup, and Stout cupcakes with mocha butter cream frosting. The latter was the winner and I’m going to try to recreate that gem for our annual 4th of July pool party.  If I achieve pastry success I’ll be sure to pass on the recipe.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy America’s birthday with good people, great food, and music that makes that lifts your heart.

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