Change is coming

The end of the school year is just 4 days away, technically 3 ½  but who’s counting?  I am. Boy am I ever.

In years past, I sounded a robust “hallelujah!” on the last day of school.  Goodbye, morning madness, see ya in September – and September was a long way away.  This year my “hallelujah”  is a bit on the weak side.  Sure, the end of this school year marks the end of more triumphs and challenges, new growth, and even more preparation for the future. But this year also marks a change that’s coming to our little nest.  It will mark the beginning of the end of my firstborn’s high school days as she will become a full-fledged Senior and Beauty #2 will be an upperclassman in her own right as a Junior. It will mark the beginning of Beauty#1’s final preparation to take her first real solo flight and will subsequently steer me and Hubby onto the start of a new course of our own whether we like it or not.   That has me freaking out a bit.

It was sometime during middle school that my Beauties and I began our tradition of going out to lunch on the last day of school –specifically to Buffalo Wild Wings until last year when we switched to Quaker Steak & Lube. (Both places are sinfully delicious and my comments are nothing more than that –comments from a happy customer.)  Sometime between jabbering away in between licking our fingers while eating hot wings or between mouthfuls of yummy wraps, a few moments of quiet set in. I’d reflect on the highs and lows of the past school year and dreamily fantasize over the coming lazy summer days –ones that I would make sure included good reading along with all of the swimming, barbecue gatherings, and family adventures.  Gratitude always filled my heart and lodged in my throat as I prayed a silent thank you to God for the blessed privilege of being in the position to share such a lunch with my babies.

This year both Beauties have summer jobs, volunteer commitments, and a host of other to-do’s beginning on THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  Really?! Change has to set in from the get-go?  Alright, this one I can handle. We’ll enjoy a family celebratory dinner. Score for hubby.  Truthfully, score for the entire family.  We are all about to embark on the start of a new adventure and it’s only fitting we do it together. Gratefulness will undoubtedly fill my heart, it’s the lump in my throat that’s bound to be a little bigger.

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