Sowing Seeds indoors and Itchy Green Thumbs

Wisconsin is a fickle, fickle state. Memorial Day weekend usually flags the beginning of summer and the call for itchy green thumbed gardeners to begin planting. For those that begin sowing seeds indoors in winter, the itch to get the garden growing is huge.

My dad, Tata, has had the gardening itch for months. An itch that began in January when the first few seed catalogs arrived in the mail. An itch that has only gotten itchier, perpetuating daily as he carefully tended the assortment of seedlings in the basement. Roma and beefsteak tomatoes, four varieties of peppers, four varieties of herbs, and my mother’s favorite Zinnia flowers comprise this year’s inventory of seeds that Tata has sown indoors. Specifically in the basement.

For him, function always wins over fashion as does prudence. Tata constructed a small, cabinet-style greenhouse  entirely from scrap — gardening on a budget at its best.  With adjustable shelves, the pepper seedlings could be close to the light source and the tomato seedlings a bit further away. Up to now, no one but our family has seen his greenhouse creation, but I find it too good to keep to ourselves. Anyone with the itch to start sowing seeds indoors over winter next year should give careful consideration to this economical approach. Who knows? A home store near you may also want to offload scrap shelving. (Upon close examination you will see that the laminated shelves are by and large the only “new” materials used in the construction of this cabinet greenhouse. Two bucks a pop.)

sowing seeds indoors in winter

Tata’s little seedlings were happy and well cared for.  They grew, and they grew, and they grew and whammo –a few pepper plants even began to flower.

pepper plant sown from seeds indoors

A few such happy plants have already made their way to my house with the remaining lot still comfortably hanging out in Tata’s garage, acclimating to the fickle Wisconsin weather.  With a forecast average high of 63F and low of 50 we’ll just have to skip the gardening this Memorial Day weekend but, as always, remember to give thanks to all those that gave for us. This year we’re surely add extra prayers for the people in Moore, Oklahoma.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone.


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