A sweet reminder

Here we are, the first week of December and it feels and looks like spring in Wisconsin. By now a cold wind should be blowing, kids should be bundled up to their eyeballs and making predictions when we’ll get our first snow fall.  There isn’t a flake in sight and based on the forecast there won’t be for at least another week.

Thick stews, spicy chillis, and hearty soups are usually standard winter fare, though this past weekend many folks fired up the grill -yours truly included- under sunny skies and in no-jacket-required mid 60 degree temperatures. I do wonder if global warming naysayers are getting suspicious.

Wreaths, pine boughs and decorated Christmas trees seem out of place with green-tinged grass. But the weather doesn’t constitute this holy season and I received a sweet reminder of that this afternoon. As I was scurrying through the local Aldi amid shoppers clad in spring jackets, a little voice rang out from another shopper’s cart across the produce aisle.

“Go tewit on da mauwn-tin, over da hills and ev-wee wheeeeerrrrre,
Go tewit on da mountain, dat JESUS CHRIST IS BOOOORRRRN.”

That sure put a jingle in my step and the bright sun felt better than ever as I walked to the car.

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