Magnetic pull

When it comes to storing fat calories my thighs have the magnetic pull of a neodymium magnet. I have often wondered if  my genes are extraordinary in a not-so-great-way. Perhaps my femurs are fortified with something. A piece of pie? Whoomph. Slice of torte? Clear the runway, to the thighs we go.

Wouldn’t it be scrumptous for women over 40 to have the metabolism of teens? As you may have guessed, my treadmill has become a very close friend over the years as has my stepper.  To that end, I maintain that life is too short to not savor sweet treats.  The Slav in me craves a delicious dessert paired with a good cup of coffee on a daily basis, which has ultimately forced me to find healthier delights to satisfy my sweet tooth and save the indulgences -and thereby my sweat glands- for true decadence.

Sweet and satisfying can be synonymous with low fat and guilt-free.  The proof is in the flan; the Low Fat Caramel Pumpkin Flan I made this past weekend.  It was too good not to share. Meanwhile, I’ll keep hoping my metabolism moves out of reverse.

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