Hanging out

Valuable lesson learned: Never procrastinate when it comes to hanging out the bathroom window to photograph anything if you live in Wisconsin. Well, not necessarily anything, but most definitely a beautiful wall of fall foliage.

One would think I’d know better being a born Wisconsinite, well versed in its wishy-washy weather. Just the other week the tree line bordering our backyard was a vibrant wall of gold, crimson and orange. The leaves were showing their true identifies and marking the changing season. It was gorgeous. More than once I made a mental note that I needed to grab the camera. But that note was misfiled.

Fast forward after a bout of rain showers and strong winds and suddenly there are large gaps of bare spots.

Fall colors

Next year I solemly swear to make a concerted effort not to misfile my mental note and hang out the bathroom window in a timely and prudent manner.

But, there’s always sweetness following sour, which leads to:

Valuable lesson #2.  If you hang out the bathroom window just so (while twisting and contorting and praying to not drop the camera), you might get lucky and capture more autumnal color.

Colorful Callery Pear tree

I absolutely LOVE Callery Pear trees. They retain their leaves well into fall and come spring they fill the air with sweet smelling blossoms.  (I know I only captured a small part of the tree, but if I hung out any further I’d have risked getting stuck. And most likely would have droped the camera. Now that would have been ugly.)

After my photographing escapade, I was in the mood to bake something fall-y – something warm, something homey. Being in a contorting mode, spiced pumpkin knots seemed a perfect fit. If I could twist myself through a bathroom window, I could certainly twist knots!

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