Jet ski dolphin tour

I vaguely recall Hubby mentioning jet skis and dolphin watching in early spring, and the only reason I can conjure for agreeing to it was that I was in a heavy allergy med induced fog at the time.

Despite being fully aware that whole point of this trip was to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, I remained completely delusional. I expected a calm, serene tour, travelling at 25mph tops with minimal wave interruption. Daughter 1 and I were together and my driving skills through the inter-coastal waterway were superb. Once out of the no wake zone my troubles began. I revved my jet ski and for a while things looked promising. “Go, Mama,” Daughter 1 roared. Then the mother of all waves came burgeoning up from the left. My knuckles were so white they were nearly glowing as I gripped the handles and prayed – hard. We caught air. A lot of air. So much air that I later learned Daughter2 happened to look back at that time and she also began praying for us.

Thankfully, we landed with a jolting smack, but stayed upright. What two important things did I learn? (1) Pay close attention to the tour guide’s pre-adventure chat, and (2) comprehend what it means when said tour guide warns against slowing down when the waters get rough.  In other words, when you see a mongo wave coming at you rev that baby and go!  If you fail to do the aforementioned, you too may hear a string of expletives in a foreign language bellowing from your firstborn. Said firstborn will then tell you how she nearly fell off, which will cause you sleep deprivation for weeks to come.

I didn’t have time to architect a dog house for Hubby in the early part of this adventure. Every endorphin and synapse was relegated to keeping me and my baby safe. Once I learned to stay in the wake of the jet ski in front of me and how to properly handle choppy waters, it turned out to be an incredible experience with a free facial to boot. (Countless face sprays of ocean water deliver one heck of an exfoliation. Never mind the parched lips.)

My darling Hubby is saved from the dog house once again and I’m happy to pass on these links to you:  Jet Ski Dolphin Tour and Ocean Creek Condos in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Dolphin Jet Ski Tour


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